Monday, February 22, 2016

Summer in Northland

Summer is in full swing here in NZ. Hot, humid days with frequent rain squalls have dominated the weather patterns for the past 4 weeks. We had a great visit with my parents, who made the long trip down early this month. Despite the general "uffdas" of travel (and I suspect several other choice vocabulary surprises) they were great sports. We ate well and saw a bit of the country together. We finished the visit in Auckland with a day trip over to Waiheke Island for some local oysters and sauvignon blanc. What a treat!
We got out marlin fishing for a day. We didn't catch any marlin but made out with several kahwei, a local fish that makes great tacos. And is pretty fun to reel in, too.

Dad reels in a lunker

Waiheke Island

We got in a couple good days of sailing.

Mom got busted buying too much wine in the Bay of Islands.

Mom & Dad crowded into the dinghy to hit the Kingfish Lodge for a birthday lunch. The lodge is only accessible by water.

Glory shot-Pau Hana looking good in Whangaroa Harbor. We're getting excited to start sailing again- countdown 10 weeks!