Thursday, March 24, 2016

his & hers

We spent the afternoon starting the prep work to return to French Polynesia in May. We had a fun game of My Side Your Side. Port side: engine parts and spares. Starboard: med kit. Not too hard to figure out who goes where. Oh, and we're psyched to have some new salon cushions on Pau Hana.

Medical kit inventory.

Engine parts inventory.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ham I Am

test blog post
HF radio operations back online for the season

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blood, sweat and beers: Rotorua, NZ

No sailing this week as we went to Rotoroa for a week of riding mountain bikes. Luckily, the Crankworx festival was in town, which was great getting to see all the dudes getting stoked. In fact, according to the Onion, dudes were getting stoked at quite an alarming rate. The trails were fun, not much vert, and really LUSH. We were hoping to ride some of the more cross country style routes but the weather was cool, overcast and rainy for the majority of the week. Gave me time to try to find my favorite NZ beer. I'm still working on that one. Top current contender: Panhead APA.
We watched the Crankworx DH race, pretty exciting, some epic jumps and a few wrecks. The view is out over Rotorua Lake.
The trails are mostly purpose built, made for bikes, IMBA approved. Smooth lines, lots of flow, and super veggie.
Great Lake Trail by Lake Taupo. 74 km of point to point trail along the biggest lake in NZ.

Super fun flow.

I did not ride the big bad wolf. I did ride frontal lobotomy, flintstones, and bam bam, though.

Rotorua trails, it's like riding through a forest tunnel. It's also a bit claustrophobic, if you're used to the Rocky Mountain west. Still haven't found any trail of the caliber of the Bangtail Divide. Or Upper Mystic. Or Greenhorn Gulch. 

Yeah, stay out hikers!