Friday, July 29, 2016


Out for a rip in Baie de Pao Pao

Viking tour.

Spinner dolphins.

Lagoon tour on Mo'orea with Martin's mom, Molly.

You can see how well the va'a fits on the foredeck.

Friday, July 22, 2016

New family member, Mo'orea

This is Cook's Bay on Mo'orea. It's an ideal anchorage right now as Martin's mom is staying at the Club Bali Hai and we are anchored just off the bar- pretty handy.

Here's the newest recruit: an outrigger canoe. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it really difficult to transport? Yes. Is it nearly impossible to store on a 35' boat? Yes. Are there promises of paddling good times? Yep. Perfect. What could be better?

So many hibiscus, so many allergens.

View of Oponuhu and Cook's Bay

Poulet pour diner.

Molly arrived this week and braved the crossing from Tahiti to Mo'orea aboard Pau Hana. It was windy, squally and we had full conditions. We were sailing at hull speed with fully reefed main and just a stamp of a jib flying. Generally, smiles prevailed. Until the sneezing started, induced by this gorgeous tiare flower lei, which was quickly porched.

Always the dinghy antics, enroute to the Bali Hai.

Friday, July 8, 2016


We had a few days on Rurutu. Luckily, it was the start of Heiva, a yearly celebration and festival. These are lifting stones. Some weigh up to 200 kg. They are part of the Heiva competition.
We were able to come to Rurutu because the normal tradewinds lightened for a few days, making the small harbor entrance passable. After a short stint tied to the dock with a kedge, the surge forced us to drop anchor and tie a stern line to shore. It worked beautifully. We were the only boat there and and the Gendarme told us the 2nd boat to have visited this year.

It's always fun to light up when you're fueling up!
We got to go out in this panga and observe the round the island canoe race, part of Heiva festivities.

Start of the race.

Catching a bit of surf on the final leg. Humpback whales are here to calve.

S/V Tamata leaving Tubuai, looking awesome.

Yes, there is a pick-up under there. We got conscripted into the Heiva parade and had to march behind the Tourism Commision signs. Look! Tourists!

It's just not a float unless there is a pig and a rooster on board.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Returned to Moorea

Over 16,000 miles behind us!

Arrived Moorea

[pos]17 29s 149 51w
[sp]0 kts
[w]13 kts SSE
[s]Anchored at Oponohu Bsy, Moorea at 1530 local on Wednesday July 6th.
Fast rodeo-style passage.
Average speed 6.6 knots
Max Speed 12.5 knots!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Land Ho!

Moorea is in sight!
We had a wet and windy couple of nights.
If more rain is in the forecast, we may go to the marina on Tahiti to do laundry and run around town.
All is well.
S 18*02'
W 149*53'

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Goodbye Austral Islands

0700 local, 1700 UTC
[pos]20 33s 150 40w
[sp]6.8 kts
[h]022 T
[w]18 kts ESE
[s]Underway Rurutu to Moorea. 90% cloud cover. 1017mb.
Beam reach to close reach. 2 m waves

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