Friday, March 31, 2017

Turtle Canyon, Oahu

We commuted over to Kewalo Basin to do some diving yesterday. Martin loaded up the BCDs, regulators, fins and wetsuits in his panniers. There's a big NW swell coming in right now so the boat ride was pretty rough but we had some good wildlife sightings.

I'm happy to see all the turtles in Hawai'i. In French Polynesia, Tonga and Fiji, they are not protected and still on the menu, so to speak. All the turtles here have migrated from the French Frigate Shoals, hundreds of miles to the west. We're starting to get the boat ready for one more big passage and are planning for a May crossing to San Francisco. One more month of work (and the occasional turtle fly by) and then we're off.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Concrete rhapsody

We went out last weekend with the Mitchell family who are visiting Oahu from Bozeman.  We anchored in some calm water with Diamond Head in the background.

There wasn't much wind but we made up for it with cannonballs.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We're delighted this week to have visitors Jeff Ward & Shashi Ajmani hailing from Boise, ID. We made it out for an afternoon sail last weekend and had great conditions along with a distant whale sighting.
We all went diving and first off was a wreck called the Sea Tiger, sitting in about 120' of water. 
Many Pacific sea turtles were seen on our subsequent dives. This one was hiding out under a shelf of coral.
This mature adult is hanging out at a cleaning station. The little reef fish are cleaning off the algae from the turtle's shell.
This cephalopod was a real treat and came out to play for a bit. Its skin was so soft in my hand it felt like a puppy's belly. Octopus is definitely off the menu! 
This is a unique photo of Jeff & Martin because they are clearly not skiing or biking. I think they're still having fun.
Jeff & Shashi with a moorish idol.