Sunday, May 17, 2015

push back the schedule...

Yesterday the wind died to less than measurable speeds. After starting the engine to make our way, our electric autopilot died. We normally only use this while motoring, and it's nice to not have to sit and steer for 22 hours. But we did.
We motored into the morning where after eating Lexi's banana muffins we accepted the fact that we couldn't reach the Makemo reef pass by the afternoon slack tide. Engine shut down just as the light wind filled in. We're now sailing at 2 knots in perfect silence while the Hydrovane steers. We should arrive at Passe Arikitamiro S 16*36.6' W 143*34.1 at 7 AM.
As of 1230 local time, Sunday May 17
S 16*04.8'
W 143*18.9'
Speed 2 kts.
Course 192* M


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