Friday, June 19, 2015


Anchor up at 0630
exited Rangiroa Passe de Tiputa at 0700
2 knots ebb current hit the northerly wind and set up some pretty big standing waves for us.
The effect of the outgoing tide extended for miles out into the ocean.
Without a cloud in the sky we hoisted full sail and turned west, averaging 6 knots for about 6 hours.
Then the wind let up just enough to prevent our timely arrival at Passe de Tuheiva, Tikehau, so we motorsailed the last 3 hours. All batteries are charged up and the fridge is cold.
We arrived just before slack current and transited the pass with 0.5 knot flood tide. Much better than the morning shenanigans.
A French catamaran followed us in, and as they passed to set their anchor they called out "Is that a Wauquiez? Beautiful!" with a thick french accent. We seldom get compliments as ours is one of the more humble boats on the Pacific circuit, but the French sailors seem to love them. They were made in France and are more common there than in the USA.
No fish.
Anchor down at 1600
A beautiful day's sail in the south Pacific.

S 15*00.439'
W 148*19.323'

PS evidently there is a Manta Ray "cleaning station" here where these massive critters come to get cleaned up by little fish. They tolerate snorkelers!

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