Monday, July 27, 2015

another time zone

Luckily the gps knows what time it is. We just crossed into a different time zone.
We're about on the same longitude as Hawaii.
I'm almost ready for a real fishing rod. My hand line setup isn't adequate for any but the smallest fish.
The fish I hooked last night was big. It pulled hard, swam towards the boat, and then pulled really hard, snapping my 80 lb. line no problem. I don't really want to catch huge fish, I just need a drag device so the line doesn't come under such a shock load. Perhaps if my hooks were weaker than my line I could choose a hook that would break off before I loose my lures. Now there is some poor fish swimming around with 100' of 80# monofilament trailing from it's lip.
Today has continued overcast skies and periodic rain. Winds are variable between 15-20 knots.
We're almost done with day three and have crossed about 130 miles.
July 27 2240 UTC, 1140 local time
17*18.3' S
157*54.8' W
Speed 6.8 knots
Course 250* M

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