Sunday, August 9, 2015

A week on The Rock

We went fishing for parrot fish while we were on Palmerston Atoll. This is our host family and Mart reeling in the gill net. We harvested about 75 fish from the net, which they both eat and export to the Cook Islands. See pics below.
Diving on Niue, (AKA The Rock) is dramatic as there is no protected atoll, just a coral uplift island in the middle of the Pacific. The visibility is awesome, up to 100m regularly. I've never seen such clear, blue water.

There were several cave formations and caverns to swim through

Swim through at about 40 feet.

Humpback whales come from Antarctica each winter season to breed. This one was surfacing 50 feet from Pau Hana. Last night we were awakened several times by the blow hole action of nearby sleeping whales.

Gorgeous swimming holes all over the island

We got a Go Pro camera in Tahiti, yeah!

Parrot fish from Palmerston Atoll

Martin tried to spear a parrot fish with this handmade spear that weighed about 30 lbs.  He got an A for effort. 
We'll be heading for Tonga in a couple days, just waiting for some nasty weather to blow through. Hope everyone's well!


  1. Thank you guys so much for the beautiful photos. I really want to be there! Have a safe trip to Tonga!

  2. Every one is well around here. I'm glad that you're having so much fun!

  3. Sweet pics! Glad you fit in with the locals during your stop. Looking forward to Tonga reports and photos. All is well here. Ripping new single track in D-Town like every other week it seems - the new builds are going strong this season. Hugs:)

  4. Epic. Love it. Keep it coming!