Monday, October 10, 2016

four days becomes five

[pos]11 12s 140 53w
[sp]4 kts
[w]10 kts E
[s]Underway from Fakarava to Fatu Hiva, Marquesas.
20% clouds, 1m waves. Barometer up 2 mb overnight. Hoping to arrive before wind goes light, but alas. The lil' Swede will save us.
We had originally planned that this passage would take four days. Sailing up through waves and current has slowed our progress by 25%. I cannot imagine how the early Polynesians traveled against wind, waves, and current.
I'll try to catch a fish today. I didn't even try earlier when the oncoming waves were as big as a two-car garage
Last night I had good radio communications with shore stations in Hawaii and in California.
Good times.

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