Monday, October 17, 2016


A speedy 40nm daysail has brought us to Hanamoenoa, Tahauata!
No fish caught, but we're chilling our Prosecco for celebration of our 19th wedding aniversary!
S 09*54.5'
W 139*06.3'

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  1. OK, Martin (and Lexi). I'm an ex-Goldminers ski-bum, where I met Martin in the 94/95 ski season. I've just spent a quiet, rainy, upstate-NY Saturday morning reading through your most awesome of blogs. My first question: how did you guys find each other? The odds of a life-partner with your obviously insane levels of intrepid-ness are astronomical. Did you both decide to do this together? Was it one of your ideas and you convinced the other? Or did you meet though some ocean-bound singles website?!? Did you just save enough to buy PauHana, lease the house, buy supplies, and leave? OK, these are but the tip of the iceberg of questions I have for you, so I'm wondering if I can get an email for you, Martin. If so, (and I don't want to bother you if it's a pain-in-the-ass for you) shoot me an email at I've become a huge fan, and, as someone with very little sailing experience, I can think of nothing I'd rather do right now than some trip the likes of which you're doing.