Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pizza and Beer...

[pos]37 45n 124 09w
[sp]6.1 kts
[w]N 12 kt
[s]Good progress this morning as we race to catch the afternoon flood into San Francisco Bay. We struggled through the night to keep the rig and vane in balance as we entered the coastal weather. The fog feels almost like drizzle. We're going to have to run the engine this morning as the clouds have prevented any solar charging. Plenty of fuel left and we're within helicopter range. It seems as though we're going to make it. Our heater is keeping the cabin cozy. Our current plan is to anchor in Richardson Bay off of Sausalito tonight since we'll be arriving in the dark. The pizza and beer will have to wait one more day.

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  1. leaving for SF today and then east coast for 5 days...Cecilia and I wish you a safe landing and lots of good beer and pizza