Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sofa King Bueno

We made landfall last night in San Francisco Bay. 19 days out from Honolulu, myriad conditions. Lots of upwind work, some perfect spinnaker conditions and an awesome wildlife bonanza greeted us on our approach to the Golden Gate. We saw breeching humpback whales, sea lions, dolphins and a multitude of sea birds come by to say hi. We're headed to Pier 39 today to tie up to a dock and find some food that does not include lentils.

2 1/2 years, 22,000 nm, 44 ports of call... time for a glass of wine and a big nap.

Self explanatory


  1. Sofa King Awesome! Welcome back, guys! You know you're heroes of mine. So glad all went smoothly (not that there won't me more adventures in the near future). Much has transpired in a few years, more so for you than us. Look forward to seeing you back in the 'hood sometime. Soon?

  2. You two are the most awesome heroes on the planet!!! Welcome back! Now take a deep breath before opening a newspaper...