Monday, March 9, 2015

best day ever!

Our first day of this passage we covered 160 miles.
The second day we traveled 180 miles!
Last night the wind went flat so we motored for about 10 hours.
When the wind returned, it was from the SSE @12 kts, so perfect conditions for sailing direct to the southern end of the Galapagos.
Position as of 0830 central daylight time, 1430 UTC
N 02*11'
W 084*11'
Speed 7.5 kts
Heading 230* magnetic
We're over halfway in less than three days!
I've got a new fishing lure off the back, but we may be going too fast.
Tomorrow I'll bake a cake for Lexi's birthday. Hopefully there will be fresh fish dinner as well.
Our oven is gimballed so it sits level even when the boat is heeled way over.
I had to put on a hoodie last night because the temperature dropped to 78* F
Otherwise all is well.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lexi! You were missed at the last girls' party, we raised a glass to you and sang "row your boat" in your honor (well, I wish we had). Glad to hear you are cruising right along, I look forward to hearing about your next island excursion. Have a fun day tomorrow, hopefully Martin brought along some special candles that are good for windy, sailboat cakes.