Sunday, March 22, 2015

Isla Isabela

We've been here about a week. Puerto Villamil is a delightful and relaxing spot to hang out. We did some diving and saw huge manta rays soaring right above us, had an up close encounter with a hammerhead shark, and Mart had a head on encounter that came about 6 inches from a big green sea turtle. They both tried to hold their line, but finally, the turtle deflected. The sea lions are cute when they're babies but turn into agro bullies when they get big enough. I got chased off a park bench by a bossy sea lion who just wanted to relax in style. We're starting to get the boat provisioned with fuel, propane and water for our crossing to the Marquesas. We've got 1 1/2 weeks left here before we head west, hope to do some more dives and tour the interior a bit.
little sea lion doing laps around pau hana

Mart sporting his semi-dry suit to go diving. The water is cold here due to the convergence of several large ocean currents.  These cool currents provide the food for all the epic wildlife in the water.


save the tortoises
this guy is at least 100 years old, weighs about 250# and is still going strong

rented a crap bike (definitely not the blur trc) and had an awesome cruise down the beach

yep, blue footed boobies

lots of 'em


  1. Hey Lex - Did you tell that bully sea lion that you're the one on vacation and to take a hike (er, swim)? Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.