Saturday, March 7, 2015

Leaving Panama

So we're clear of Panama after a month long visit.
Current position:
06*17' N
080*10' W
!5-20 kts of wind from the N-NE
boat speed 6.5 kts.
Next stop Galapagos!
Yesterday we saw humpback whales and had a pod of dolphins on our bow for a while.
Super fun.
There are many boats headed to the Galapagos right now so we are seeing other boats periodically.
Shipping traffic is less now that we're further from the canal zone.
We're heading south to avoid the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, a region of normally light to no wind.
So far we're sailing fast and getting ready to set out the fishing gear.

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  1. We are enjoying your posts here in Duluth! Think of you both and missing you too. Happy sailing⛵️