Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday April 17

We're motoring with very light wind from the north.
The tradewinds should reorganize in 24-48 hours.
We have plenty of fuel for this, as we didn't motor as much as we planned getting away from the Galapagos.
Plenty or not, using the engine feels strange as we don't have enough fuel to make it all the way to Marquesas. Eventually we'll have to shut the engine off. Less than 900 nm to go.
The fastest boat in our radio group will make landfall today.
Check out if you want to see the dead spot we're in

0322 local 1122 UTC
S 08*20'
W 124*55'
Speed 5 kts
Course 270* M

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  1. I looked up the HydroVane. Pretty cool thing! Sure would love to see some pictures of it in use. Don't worry about running out of fuel, I'm sure you brought some oars!!!