Monday, November 14, 2016

Catch up with the sun...

After 10 days of sailing north, we've made our long awaited course change and are now headed NW towards the southern end of big island.
There are still a few squalls about but we're mostly sailing a fast reach with the wind just aft of the beam.
We've almost caught up with our original projected pace regardless of our two slow days and the time spend adrift in the ITCZ.
I'd like to open the hatches and get some fresh air in here, but there's still quite a bit of spray coming on deck.
I'm very thankful that the va'a has not been on the deck the past few days.
10 13 N
144 20 W
Course 310 T
Speed 7.0 kts
Wind NE 18 kts
Waves NE 2 m

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