Thursday, November 10, 2016

Going Bananas

The wind came up for us last night, so we put a reef in the mainsail and charged along a 7 knots through the night.
This morning the wind eased back down to the previous conditions and we're back under full sail at 6 knots.
Comfortable sailing. We're one third of the way, and our water and fuel supplies are good.
We're going bananas today. Banana bread and Choco-banana loaf. This may be the end of the fresh bananas. We have lots of dried bananas as well.
I've branded the dried bananas as "shrunken monkey fingers"
The bananas in the Marquesas are the best I've ever had anywhere. Papaya too.
current position:
01 37 N
142 51 W
Course 350
Speed 6.1 knots

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