Monday, November 7, 2016

got that swing...

We're almost done with day three, and it feels like we're settling into the routine. All donuts and brownies are long gone.
The first two days usually feel uncomfortable as we're getting used to the sleep schedule and living at 15* of heel.
Conditions are good. We're running parallel with an American couple aboard the sailboat "Serenity," although they're about 1000 miles to the west of us.
They also check in to the Pacific Seafarer's Net on 14.300 MHz. The HF radio is really a nice widget for these conditions. We get all of our weather info, send position reports, and chat with the neighbors too!
At midday the sun feels like it is about five miles away and set on "high." We're staying in the shade as much as we can. It's quite pleasant to be up in the cockpit at night, however. We will get to watch the moon wax to full while on this passage. We will cross the equator in about 36 hours an get a glimpse of Polaris peeking up over the horizon. We've been in the southern hemisphere since March 12, 2015.
[pos]03 17s 141 27w
[sp]6.0 kts
[w]12 kts NE

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