Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 10

We sailed up through the squalls of the ITCZ until we were becalmed for several hours. We packed extra diesel fuel just for this situation, but our transmission is dead, so purists we must be. After several hours of wondering how long the calm would last (some sailors report being stuck in the ITCZ for weeks) we could hear the wind coming before it arrived and blasted us north on 25-30 knot easterlies! Midnight rodeo aboard Pau Hana! We charged full speed through the swell in total darkness and pouring rain with the clouds obscuring the moon. This morning our wind prediction model and synoptic charts from NOAA agree that we are clear of the ITCZ and should have steady conditions all the way to the big island, 1000 miles ahead of us.
08 20 N
143 11 W
course 345
speed 6.8 knots

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