Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nuku Hiva

We've been in Nuku Hiva for 10 days. We're getting Pau Hana ready for the crossing to Hilo, Hawaii. There we'll clear back into the USA, rest, and then sail to Honolulu, where we'll keep the boat in a marina adjacent to Waikiki Beach for the winter. It's 2000 nm from here, we're estimating about a 16 day passage. Today we're provisioning, checking the rigging, and starting to get packed up. I'm guessing we'll leave on Thursday or Friday. The hardest part always seems to be getting away from the house (or the island, in this case).

I was psyched to get to dive here in Nuku Hiva. We had a fantastic sighting of about 8 hammerhead sharks. They were curious and swam right over to see who was checking them out.

There are lots of stone tiki here. The anchorage is in the background.

Local singletrack.

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